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We are looking for volunteers...


Maun Conservation Group

Keeping Nature in the Flow

The River Maun meanders through Mansfield and links three green spaces together:

Oakham Nature Reserve includes walks through woodland with wildflower meadows close by, and is in touching distance of Quarry Lane Nature Reserve. Set in a narrow wooded valley, the Quarry Lane LNR is often referred to as a "hidden gem" with its range of walkways alongside the River Maun and recognised as a haven for wildlife despite being surprisingly close to the centre of Mansfield.


Viaduct at Quarry Lane Local Nature ReserveMany local residents appreciate the walk through the site on their way into town, use the area to exercise their dogs or visit the site for educational nature activities such as pond dipping, river work and wildflower studies. As the River Maun meanders through the reserve, it falls over a number of small ruffles, eventually entering Field Mill Pond, which attracts a wealth of wildlife including kingfishers, herons and water voles.

The grassland creates small open wildflower meadow areas between the trees and scrub which attracts numerous butterflies and other invertebrates. Along the southern edge of the site is a limestone exposure, a pond dipping scrape and Drury's dam viaduct, the latter being a Grade II listed structure.

Have you seen the Green Flag flying at the Quarry Lane Nature Reserve? After the achievement of the Green Flag Community Award in 2015, the reserve has continued to be awarded full Green Flag status each year since 2016.


Titchfield Park is an award winning formal park featuring attractive flower beds, sports facilities and a children's play area.

A Water Vole at Quarry Lane Nature Reserve Maun Conservation Group works closely with Mansfield District Council to carry out various conservation tasks. MCG members and several local residents assist with maintaining the site, carrying out path clearing, tree planting, water quality testing and litter picking activities. Increasing numbers of primary school children, sea cadets and Wildlife Watch Group children visit the site for educational environmental and wildlife activities throughout the year.

A Water Vole at Quarry Lane Nature Reserve Substantial funding has been sought and obtained for major projects to enhance the reserve including the creation of a picnic area, improvements to the scrape (the pond dipping area), and the removal of invasive species of plants including Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.

Good working relationships with Parks' Development Officers, local councillors, industrial companies, the Environment Agency, Keep Britain Tidy, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the Biodiversity Action Group have enabled us to obtain support and guidance on delivering projects.

Maun Conservation GroupVolunteering opportunities include practical tasks, fundraising, publicity, committee roles, carpentry skills and school visits.

Volunteers with an interest in conservation and community activities are most welcome. If you can spare a few hours, do join us – the Maun Conservation Group need you!

Open meetings are held regularly throughout the year.

Contact 07885 169111
or email maunconservation@googlemail.com

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Chair -
Vice Chair - Claire Wickham
Treasurer - Natalie Singhal
Secretary - Sarah Spurry


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